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Filling the post of volunteer treasurer can be a difficult task for many boards. While volunteer treasurers are responsible for performing a number of significant tasks and duties, there are a number of myths about being a treasurer of a nonprofit organisation that can hold individuals back from volunteering. The following are a few of the benefits that can arise from fulfilling the role of volunteer treasurer.

Improve Self-Esteem and Sense of Self

Many volunteers report that they find that they effort and work that they do to support their cause is very rewarding. Volunteering gives folks that participate a sense that the work that they do is meaningful, and that the actions that they are taking are helping to bring about positive change and transforming their communities into a better place.

This sense of working with others to serve a greater purpose helps improve the morale and sense of well-being one has as a volunteer.


Because their service often involves working with both other volunteers and service recipients, volunteering gives others the opportunity to meet new people, and learn new things about existing connections. Volunteering connects individuals with others who often share their values, and this increases friendship and a spirit of camaraderie and belonging. Greater connectedness with others increases empathy and happiness, which can improve wellness and well-being.

Volunteering can also boost one’s employment opportunities, as it makes it easier for volunteers to meet others in diverse fields and backgrounds. This increases prospects for the volunteer and can make it easier to find new positions in one’s field, or change careers entirely.

Learn New Skills and Use Existing Skills in a Different Way

Many accounting software packages have simplified common treasurer tasks, such as creating the budget and other reports and documents. It is no longer absolutely necessary to have prior accounting or bookkeeping experience to be a successful volunteer treasurer. However, volunteers with prior accounting, finance, insurance or other similar experience benefit from using their existing skills in a new way that offers them a different perspective on accounting processes and procedures. Others without this experience will appreciate the chance to learn new skills that are frequently used by volunteer treasurers.

Learning new skills not only help volunteers to grow as individuals, but, it provides them with an opportunity to update their resume and possibly increase their chances of success should they decide to enter a new field or search for a new position.


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Admin Bandit would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to supporting your non-profit in 2017 and beyond.

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college-1280964_640Having a sense of community in an NFP of any size is beneficial but even more in a large NFP to give a real sense of engagement and inclusion.

Build a sense of community in your not for profit

Building a sense of community allows everyone to feel like they are doing their part and helping to shape the overall project. By doing this, you will find your employees and volunteers will go over and above what is asked of them.

Together you can work hard during the challenges and celebrate the successes.

Let your volunteers and employees engage fully

A strong bond between members in the NFP will help develop a strong shared vision and bring your mission statement to life. If your volunteers or employees feel like they are segregated from other members due to their work situation or positioning, then their role will seem no more than just a ‘job’.

Allow your volunteer treasurer to have the opportunity with your marketing team and vice versa. Enable everyone to create a connection with others and engage on a positive and meaningful level.

Generate excitement around projects

A sense of community will allow a real buildup of excitement and motivation take place when you are due to launch a new project. This will give your project much momentum and give plenty of opportunities for participation.

Your supporters will act as champions to spread the word about your project and maintain momentum for the overall project.

Initiate events to build community

The sense of community does not always come naturally particularly if there is a real mix of backgrounds and individuals in the group. Initiate events to allow people to get to know each other and build on their commonality – the want or need to support the non-profit and raise money to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Ensure clear communication at all times

It is so much easier for everyone to work together once they have a clear view of the NFP’s vision and what they are working towards. If communication is lost and people are carrying out tasks with no set direction, then motivation can be hard to find.

Ensure that all the channels of communication are open both upward and downward and everyone is up to speed with their responsibilities. And this goes for listening as well. If people feel that they are being heard, they will be only too keen to provide feedback and offer support.

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Portrait Of Kitchen Staff In Homeless ShelterAustralians as a whole, are known for their giving natures, with many Australians reporting that they give both money and time each year to their favourite causes. According to a 2014 report by The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (ACPNS), nearly one-third of all adult Australians volunteer hours each year to a non-profit organisation. A 2014 report from Charity Navigator also states that individual donations to non-profits by Australian adults totalled $258.5 billion AUD last year.

With so many individuals giving to charity, you may wonder why your business should donate resources to their community. But, just as many individuals derive several benefits when they give, businesses also reap several rewards when they make the effort to give back. The next time that you are on the fence as to whether or not your business should donate or volunteer for a cause, consider the following three ways that giving back boosts your business.

Giving Builds Stronger Teams and Increases Morale

All of us benefit when we feel that our work is meaningful and makes a difference. When businesses give back to the community, it helps associates to feel as though they are part of something that is bigger.

You can encourage your workforce to increase their giving, and build a stronger team in the process, by offering to match the funds that they give as individuals. Increase morale and introduce a fun competitive element by placing workers on teams that compete to raise or donate the most to the cause.

Don’t forget to offer special recognition or a reward for the team that volunteer the most time or raises the most funds. By working together to help others, your associates forge bonds of trust and mutual respect with one another that they will carry back to the workplace. Greater harmony, cooperating and job satisfaction is often the result.

Volunteering Provides Opportunities to Learn New Things

When you and your associates assist your community through volunteer work, you gain an opportunity to discover different perspectives as well as to learn new skills. This is especially true when the volunteer work that you and your workforce perform is significantly different from the regular duties that you perform in the workplace.

Volunteer work often places you and your associates in a different environment, so it is a great way to shake up routines and help everyone to start to think in new and creative ways. Learning new skills and boosting creativity can all lead to innovation in processes when you and your team return to your business.

Just Like Life, Business is About Building Connections and Having Fun

By stepping out of your normal routines and habits through volunteer work, you give yourself and your associates the opportunity to connect with others in the community. You not only improve your company’s reputation within your community, but you also increase the pride and connection that both workers and clients feel for your business.

Donating time, money and other resources to your favourite cause is also the perfect way to show just what you and your business value and will help to draw others to you and your business that share your values.

As you and your associates take the time to give back on the corporate level, don’t be surprised if you find that you are having fun! Embrace the energy and use it to help you and the other members of your organisation stay motivated to keep pushing towards your goals!

With so many benefits to be gained when your business gives back to the community, it’s easy to see why the adage of “it’s better to give than receive” continues to ring true!  If it seems as though your associates are stuck in a rut and your business is struggling to get everyone on the same page, then it’s time to boost your business by giving back!

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pedestrians-400811_640Working with small businesses has many advantages, a fact easily overlooked when the big ones dominate the consumer landscape with a big budget advertising presence. More enjoyable to recognise than a corporate logo, however, are the faces of individuals who work in small companies. Within smaller business settings, it is possible to put names to faces. Within smaller businesses, you know who you are dealing with, and are not offering feedback on forms that are never personally addressed.

As it is easier for smaller companies to attend to complaints, customer service is usually far superior with small businesses. In turn, great service encourages loyalty, and helps ensure success of smaller businesses. It is erroneous to think that larger businesses have better chances of longevity, as small businesses help secure their place by working within their communities, rather than competing or seeking to replace other, smaller businesses. Many people prefer to support businesses that are local to them, when given the option. Also, personal reputations are tied to small businesses, and word of mouth reviews are important. The distance between the customer base and management is much smaller, so consumer recommendations are heard. It is faster to implement changes within smaller businesses, so smaller businesses are usually more sensitive to changing consumer needs, and can be flexible to individual requirements of loyal customers.

Smaller businesses appreciate individual customers more than large corporate entities, and also appreciate the people behind the scenes who help their businesses grow and flourish. Working with smaller businesses means working with individuals who have pride in their work, and in what they offer their communities. Overall, working for small businesses holds many advantages that a more famous logo cannot compete with.

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The Tiara Project overcomes financial barriers to turn all girls into princesses.

Admin Bandit, provider of software to support the treasurers of not-for-profit organisations, would like to commend client “The Tiara Project” for the wonderful work they are doing in our community.

Every young girl dreams of looking like a princess at her school formal or debut but until The Tiara Project came along girls from disadvantaged backgrounds were doomed to be stay-at-home Cinderella’s.

The Tiara Project is a Melbourne based not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to assist girls to overcome financial barriers so they can participate in formal and semi-formal events.  No girl wants to bear the stigma of being the odd one out.  Now she can confidently join in with social events wearing a stunning gown that no one knows is on loan.

Formed in April 2010, The Tiara Project has more than 600 immaculately beautiful dresses in stock along with elegant jewellery and accessories.  The garments, for all shapes and sizes, are loaned out for the special event so that every girl has her chance to be a princess.

Since the project began in April of this year The Tiara Project has dressed over 60 young ladies and made a big difference in their lives.

President, Amanda Stokes, says” We are currently dressing 15 young ladies with disabilities for them to attend their debutante ball.  This is in conjunction with the Bayside Council and Kingston Council. We have also arranged for Pink Limos to take the girls to the ball as well as Day Spa Parties to treat them to 2 hours of pampering on the day.  The Body Shop will be doing the girls makeup.  This has all been organised for FREE by The Tiara Project.”

The Body Shop will be providing ongoing support by doing FREE makeovers for each girl attending their ball.  The Beauty Club have come on board as another supporter and will be providing each girl with a lip gloss to take with her on the night.

The Tiara Project accepts referrals from school and community groups.  The project is seeking enthusiastic and passionate people to join the committee and make their next year a successful one.  If you would love to make a difference within the community this would be a lovely place to start.

The Tiara Project is doing remarkable work in boosting self-esteem and confidence in girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Admin Bandit encourages businesses and individuals to support their efforts though the donations of time, money or outfits.

For more information about “The Tiara Project” please go to the website http://www.thetiaraproject.com.au

For more information about the other not-for-profit clients of Admin Bandit please contact Nerida Gill Ph: 02 6176 0030 Web:  www.adminbandit.com.au

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IGA Unsung Heroes Award

Do you know someone who always puts the needs of others before their own?

Someone who regularly gives up their time to volunteer for a charity or not-for-profit organisation?

Why not nominate them for the IGA Community Chest Unsung Heroes Awards today.

IGA’s Community Chest Unsung Heroes Awards is a search for the selfless individuals who give up their time for the good of others – usually unpaid and often without thanks. We are asking local communities to identify these giving persons to recognise and reward their good deeds.

Each regional winner will receive $250 worth of IGA vouchers and a $250 cash donation will also be awarded to their nominated registered charity or not-for-profit organisation. Regional winners are then automatically in the running to take out the state prize.

As well as having the kudos of being the ‘2009 Unsung Hero’ of their state, state winners’ chosen registered charity or not-for-profit organisation will also receive a $5,000 donation.

Who will be the Unsung Heroes of 2009?
Unsung Heroes will range from the lady who visits her local nursing home each week to the father who tirelessly volunteers his time to coach his son’s soccer team every Saturday morning.

It has been a challenging year for Australians. With the devastating Black Saturday Bush Fires in Victoria and the severe flooding in Queensland we are sure to hear some inspiring stories about the many individuals who stepped up during these times of need.

Hurry, entries close on Friday 17th July 2009.

For more information and to nominate, visit IGA Community Chest Unsung Heroes Awards site.

Admin Bandit  volunteer treasurer software
Here’s to volunteer treasurers..

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