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WICked Woman of the Year… who is the WICkedest of them all.

This question was asked last month at the annual WIC Winter Dinner.  Three women in the ICT industry were finalists for the auspicious title of WICked Woman of the Year. Much to my shock, I was announced as the most WICked of them all for 2009! This award recognises women who have made a significant contribution to the ICT industry. I feel very honoured in such company to be considered WICked Woman of the Year 2009 and look forward to being a speaker at the WIC HOT Breakfast Series early in 2010. The volunteer committee of WIC is very pro-active and are taking the organisation to new heights. The last breakfast had around 100 women (& some men) in attendance at University House at Australian National University in Canberra. If you would like to attend as my guest at one of their monthly breakfasts, please send me a message.

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Here’s to volunteer committees


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IGA Unsung Heroes Award

Do you know someone who always puts the needs of others before their own?

Someone who regularly gives up their time to volunteer for a charity or not-for-profit organisation?

Why not nominate them for the IGA Community Chest Unsung Heroes Awards today.

IGA’s Community Chest Unsung Heroes Awards is a search for the selfless individuals who give up their time for the good of others – usually unpaid and often without thanks. We are asking local communities to identify these giving persons to recognise and reward their good deeds.

Each regional winner will receive $250 worth of IGA vouchers and a $250 cash donation will also be awarded to their nominated registered charity or not-for-profit organisation. Regional winners are then automatically in the running to take out the state prize.

As well as having the kudos of being the ‘2009 Unsung Hero’ of their state, state winners’ chosen registered charity or not-for-profit organisation will also receive a $5,000 donation.

Who will be the Unsung Heroes of 2009?
Unsung Heroes will range from the lady who visits her local nursing home each week to the father who tirelessly volunteers his time to coach his son’s soccer team every Saturday morning.

It has been a challenging year for Australians. With the devastating Black Saturday Bush Fires in Victoria and the severe flooding in Queensland we are sure to hear some inspiring stories about the many individuals who stepped up during these times of need.

Hurry, entries close on Friday 17th July 2009.

For more information and to nominate, visit IGA Community Chest Unsung Heroes Awards site.

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Here’s to volunteer treasurers..

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This week I’m being interviewed by the Australian Business Women’s Network – MentorNet program on the benefits of being mentored and how mentoring has helped create a successful business.  I have the privilege of being mentored by Carol Cooke from CIC Secure who is the Director of Sales and Marketing in her own business.  Carol has been mentoring me since late 2008 and I can’t speak highly enough of the experience.  MentorNet asked me to provide three actionable steps to share with other business owners on how to create results in small business. After reflecting with my team, here they are:-

1. Create a great team
a. Recognise gaps in your skills set; 
b. Identify professionals and experts to fill the gaps – make sure they are reliable, trustworthy come recommended;
c. Trusted if they are working remotely;
d. Communicate regularly and develop an ongoing relationship to create ongoing value for your business (& theirs).

2. Embrace excellence
a. Professional branding is important; 
b. The smallest of businesses can easily excell through consistency;
c. Reward Your business – awards and industry recognition are simple ways to get noticed for excellence;
d. Set a high standard – even as a sole operator you need standards – things like professional user manuals, screen designs, marketing material and never leave home without the uniform and business cards;
e. It’s easy to embrace excellence when you are passionate about what you offer.

3. Value relationships
a. Network your butt off – look for people with whom you can develop win / win relationships;
b. Enthusiastically refer people without expecting anything in return;
c. Be systematic – think about your networking and implement and evaluate regularly. Don’t keep doing things that aren’t worthwhile;
d. Find good people that believe in your product and will talk about you like it’s their own.

It has been great to reflect on the ideals that have contributed to my business. What other success tips do you have from your business experience? Would love to hear about them from you.

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Community Treasurers\' AwardsAs you may be aware, I love awards. They are such a great way to show appreciation and acknowledge the great contribution made by an individual and an organisation. Westpac and Our Community have launched the Community Treasurers’ Awards to provide an opportunity to acknowledge the work of community treasurers across Australia.

The winning organisation receives $5,000! Plus just by nominating the organisation is in the running to win a place on a popular Westpac Beyond Survival financial course. So to boost the morale of a volunteer treasurer and your organisation, act now by nominating someone you know.


Here’s to volunteer treasurers..

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Winners are grinnersLast week we were excited to win the Business Plan category of the Inaugural Canberra BusinessPoint awards. This award came with recognition and additional networking opportunities and some prizes from sponsors Wisdom Learning and Serani Health Spa. These prizes really suit me because as a business person it is important to be continually learning and developing and also as a solopreneur I can do with a pampering massage!

The reason Admin Bandit enters awards is for the exposure they bring. In the audience at the awards presentation was someone from an organisation which could be a strategic partner in bringing our product to their network. We’re meeting later this month to discuss the possibilities.

Do you enter awards and if so what have been the positive outcomes from entering?

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It has been a helpful process to apply for Canberra BusinessPoint awards and then exciting to be notified that Admin Bandit is a finalist in the Business Plan category. At the awards presentation a few slides will be shown for each finalist. It has been interesting to contemplate what would be helpful in showcasing the business in that brief opportunity. We chose to provide images of our exploits at the INCE conference and also our customers. Each image had our logo superimposed in the corner.

What images would you povide for a brief slideshow at an awards presentation? 

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