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Video chat communication

There is no doubt that working from home can be a lonely business.

Sure, it has its benefits; no real dress code, you can listen to the music you want and there are generally fewer distractions.

However, humans have an innate need for contact with other humans, and it can get a little draining being in your own company all day long.

There may also be a need to connect with other humans, perhaps clients or co-workers or others you are working in conjunction with, throughout your week.

Whilst email is a practical tool for sharing information, sometimes it’s not enough to effectively communicate or get a concept across. It also carries no verbal tone, so it can be easy to misinterpret what is being said. This goes both ways.

There are plenty of alternative means of communication with others, which are often more effective and great when you need to share ideas or concepts.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging, or IM, is a quick and easy way to ‘chat’ with others virtually. Many platforms offer IM, and allow for the sharing of files and images. You can generally access IM via mobile devices, too, so you can stay in touch as needed.

IM can lend itself to miscommunication and has a tendency to become a little informal.

Video Chat

Similar to a phone call, only hands free and with the ability to visually connect, platforms like Skype, Face Time and others provide opportunities to meet and conference with others as though you were in the same room.

They also allow for the sharing of files and images, which is helpful if you are chatting with a client or project team, to visually explain concepts and workings, and allow for immediate input.

Webinars and Conferencing

These are another great way to connect with your clients or team, to meet and to share ideas and ask for input.

Webinars and video conferencing allow for visual representation of your ideas and also for feedback and questions from others.

Cloud-based Document Sharing

This is becoming more and more popular, allowing the ability to store documents, files, images, spreadsheets and more online, and to share these documents with others.

You can also allow editing or the adding of notes to documents, or enable others to share their documents and files with you. There are plenty of these options available, and most are compatible with mobile devices.

Face to Face Meetings

Sometimes, you just need to get out of the house and be in contact with real humans.

Arrange to visit your clients at the office or workplace and, if possible, spend a few hours working alongside them or working together on a task. This is ideal if there are some tricky questions or you’ve come across a hurdle or two.

You may just like to meet for a coffee and have a quick, informal yet business based catch up with them.

Remember, also, it is important to get out and connect with others on a social level. Make sure you schedule that into each week, too.

Mix it up a bit and soon you will be enjoying both your solo time and the time you spend connecting with others.


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Just came across this teleconference facility as well which is free for up to 250 callers http://www.thebasementventures.com/.

adminbandit Here’s to volunteer treasurers..

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Just like to say I love webinars. ie. seminars you can participate in from home. I can login from the comfort of my own home with a glass of wine at the ready and soak up the information being presented. When a presenter refers to a website, I can go straight there and quickly check it out and bookmark it for later reference. Taking notes is quicker by typing them straight into a document which I can easily file with other learning opportunities and refer back to.

Unusually, Australians who are normally quick adopters of new technology haven’t taken to webinars as quickly as you might expect. A curious phenomenon. There are all sorts of topics covered by these webinars ranging from e-zine marketing to copywriting to exploring social networking for not for profit organisations to tips and tricks with Microsoft Word.  The technology to make it happen also varies. Two examples are GoToWebinar and Microsoft Live Meeting both of which offer a free 30 day trial.

Some you need to call and login, some are totally via the web some are just phone in (not sure if this really is a webinar, maybe it is a phoneinar!). 🙂 Networking World has some webinars on networking and copywriting coming up.

Would love to hear your thoughts on webinars. Have you participated in a webinar? Have you used this technology to connect with your network or your customers? If so, what technology have you used?

adminbandit Here’s to volunteer treasurers..

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