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Lacking in fundraising ideas, especially when you have a lot on your plate is particularly common. But continued stress and anxiety can lead to burnout which makes coming up with fresh ideas on a regular basis problematic.

So, how can you tell you are at risk of burnout?

The smallest things can annoy you

Do you notice you have a short fuse? Is your nonprofit team rubbing you up the wrong way? Then you might well be on the way to suffering from burnout. There are annoyances, and there are annoyances, but if even the smallest of issues is causing a lot of frustration, it is time to take a step back. If not rectified, a serious argument over literally nothing will ensue. Go for a walk, take a nap or even schedule some leave before this little problem generates into a huge one.

You are tired all day every day

If you are feeling tired, all day, every day then you could be facings signs of burnout. Exhaustion is a symptom which can often accompany anxiety, and it can all add up to the fact that you need complete rest and a break from work. Take care of yourself, sleep well, eat healthily and exercise regularly. Caring for yourself or even asking for help will go a long way to aiding your recovery. If exhaustion continues, you may find that one day you can barely get out of bed at all.

Failure to concentrate on the task at hand

When you are overworked and overly emotional, it can negatively affect your concentration in the office. You may find you are more forgetful than usual or you just are unable to focus on the task in front of you. Make sure you take your lunch breaks and stand up and stretch every hour. Movement can help you clear your mind, especially when you have been sitting down for an extended period. Even a 20-minute walk can improve your ability to concentrate.

You are consistently putting in long hours

There are times when you may find that longer hours are necessary and that’s okay. But if you find you are continuously putting in the long hours, then you will soon find yourself overworked and very tired. While you may use up some of your time on the weekend to plan strategies or research donors, doing it often and on a regular basis can take a toll on your overall well-being. Take a break when you can and learn to say no more often. Working overtime will just make you feel more tired and have a negative effect on your productivity in the long-term.

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If you are not already aware you should have a look at a great service being provided by Google that specifically is focussed on not for profit organisations. This program is Google for nonprofits  and the purpose is to provide a range of resources and products that are either free or at a significantly reduced cost to eligible not for profit organisations.

This applies to a range of Google Apps, free Adwords advertising, storing documents in the cloud, YouTube and Google Analytics; these are just some of the services and products made available.  With YouTube, you can customise your channel and include “Donate Now” buttons or add Call to Action overlays on your videos.  Access to Google Earth Outreach allows you to create maps of your projects or to highlight where your work takes place which can be ideal when promoting your organisation and where it undertakes its activities.

The Google for nonprofits site also has Get Started Guides as well as Video Tutorials so even if you are not too sure what to do or you are a small organisation with limited resources, these should get you going.

Another feature worth looking at are the Case Studies as these highlight how other not for profit organisations have utilised these services to their benefit.  These are great examples of what can be done but they also can give you some fantastic ideas about how you can maximise the range of resources and products on offer.

This is a site worth spending some time going through and you may find that you are already using some of these services and resources but paying for them when you could be able to access them for free or at a reduced price.

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