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There are so many social media ‘gurus’ out there and, equally, so much information out there about the ‘right’ way to manage your social media accounts; what to post, when and where – that it’s enough to confuse you to the point of inactivity.

Part of the problem is that there is no real ‘right’ way and much of what you do post on social media, how you manage your status updates and tweets, and what you include is dependent on your community of likers and followers.

Each market audience, in each industry will respond very differently from the next when it comes to what’s shared on each profile. It will also depend on what purpose you have set your page or profile up for, and why individuals are on your page in the first place. Is it for freebies? For information or advice? For friendship and support?

Once you establish what the purpose of each profile is, it makes it a little easier to determine what to post on social media. If you’ve worked out the purpose already, well done!

To reduce your stress and not worry about what to post next, it’s a great idea to set yourself up some sort of schedule for posts. Much like an editorial plan, work out your goals and the steps you need to get you there. Ideally, your social media schedule will be a component of the steps you take towards your ultimate goal.

Even with a schedule there are even more rules and suggestions about the best time and what to post, although some of this will be a little trial and error for you.

Some of this information can be found on this very helpful article over at Small Biz Technology, which touches on some of these rules and also provides a simple, sample posting schedule for social media.

The best thing you can do is, first, read this article, create a schedule, stick to it and monitor what works and what doesn’t, then review it monthly and change it up as necessary.


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dreamstime_xs_21144448For a while now Twitter has been receiving information about worldwide events, whether sporting results or worldwide disasters, almost as quickly or in some cases even quicker than traditional news routes.  However what tends to happen with this kind of real-time reporting or tweeting is that misinformation is spread and sometimes it can take a while to sort out the fact from fiction.  But that’s just how it happens in real life.  Reporters speculate and then report what they know and then over time are able to sort and process the information once the facts, information and interviews are collated.  It is also part and parcel of Twitter and the way microblogging and social networking operates.

Information on Twitter is shared, viewed and shared again almost immediately – right or wrong, good or bad.  This kind of reporting of information might not be for everyone – some people would prefer to hear all or most of the facts at one time rather than bits and pieces of a story.  Others will revel in the way the story is given allowing them to put it together piece by piece.

Twitter is aware how seriously people take their news reporting and is looking to up the ante by taking on their very own designated Twitter based journalist.  While nothing has been confirmed, rumour has it that NBC News Chief Vivian Schiller has been offered the role of the newly created position.  Only time will tell what the outcome is and who takes up this very interesting role.

Whatever happens, Twitter may soon be running alongside mainstream media when it comes to their news reports – so watch this space.  Those 140 characters might just be worth more than you originally thought.

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When your staff members use social media such as Facebook or Twitter while they are employed by you, who actually owns the accounts, especially when they may be used to advertise or promote your business?

There is a lawsuit underway in the USA which might have an impact on the answer to that question.

In summary, an employee was posting to a Twitter account which became very popular and amassed 17,000 followers.  The company name formed part of the employee’s username.  When the employee left the company he was asked to continue to post the occasional tweet to these followers which he did but under a slightly different name, removing any reference to the company.  After 8 months the company sued the former employee for $340,000 as they were of the opinion that the 17,000 followers were a customer list and ownership of the list belonged with them.  In addition, the action by the company intended “to protect the customer lists and confidential information, intellectual property, trademark and brands.”

The implications of this lawsuit may be much wider as it will establish a precedent relating to the ownership of social media accounts.

Other issues that may need to be considered include:

  • Why was the account set up in the first place i.e. purely for social engagement or to actually attract new business.
  • How do you ascertain an actual value of the tweet or Facebook update?
  • Many companies encourage employees to use tweets or Facebook as a way to maintain contact with their supporters or fans so how do you value that?

If you have a staff member tweeting or posting on your behalf, you need to work out your ground rules early.  A contract or agreement will give you some protection until the law is clear.

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Everyone is using Twitter or Facebook lately.  In fact these streams of social media are so popular that businesses are setting up their own pages so they can be seen by more customers.

Social media is very useful but it also exposes your business to the eyes of the world.  One wrong comment and your business could be ruined.  Look at what happened recently when Nestle set up their own Facebook page.  If you haven’t heard about it you might like to read the summary on Smart Company.  One person and a few words really had an impact on the business.

Do people use social media to represent your business?  You need to put some controls around the usage by creating policies and guidelines.

The Smart Company article says, “”Some people think putting up a Facebook page is quick and easy and you can just leave it, but that is an extremely dangerous way to approach it because it needs to be considered at a higher level. You need to think about whether you will delete comments, if a legitimate criticism is made, then think about how you approach it, think about how you deal with conversations and so on.”

As a business you need to develop a policy that covers what you will say, what you won’t say, how you will promote your business, how you will interact with customers and above all, is ready with  crisis management processes all planned out.  Finally, be careful who you allow to represent you online.  They are your public face so it needs to be correct and well mannered.  Make sure that all your staff are aware of the policy and know what they can and cannot do.  It could save your business from a lot of trauma.

Here’s to treasurer software

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Winning a prize recently in an international Twitter competition was worthy of a press release, so here it is…..

President Sally Saunders and Admin Bandit Nerida Gill at Bosom Buddies Chrismas in Winter dinnerCanberra-based software company Admin Bandit has won US$1,000 on Twitter for Bosom Buddies, a local volunteer group that supports women living with breast cancer. 
Director Nerida Gill secured the donation on the popular social networking site by entering a competition run by Kayako, an international provider of online help desk software, which invited entrants to nominate a charity to receive a funding boost.
“A number of friends and family have suffered from breast cancer, so this cause is close to my heart,” Gill says. “Bosom Buddies provides vital aftercare for women who have undergone painful treatment for a disease that is frightening and often makes them question who they are as women.”
As a provider of volunteer treasurer software in community groups and a user of Kayako, Gill is also pleased to have won funding for an organisation staffed by volunteers. “Everyone at Bosom Buddies gives their time and energy simply because they care,” she says. “This kind of selfless giving is the backbone of our communities.”
Bosom Buddies is delighted with the unexpected windfall: “Nerida’s donation is like a rainbow delivering a pot of gold,” says Marilyn Brookes, chair of the organisation’s breast awareness education subcommittee. “We raise all our own funds, which is time-consuming and hard work.”
Brookes says the gift will be used to provide a range of support for those experiencing breast cancer, as well as their families and supporters, including: education materials, 24-hour telephone support, a one-on-one buddy system, hospital visits, and practical surgery aftercare in the form of soft prostheses and cotton shoulder bags to hold post-surgery tubes.
Kayako Chief Operating Officer Ryan M Lederman is also pleased to assist such a strong initiative. “We’re glad Admin Bandit chose to donate their US$1,000 to Bosom Buddies,” he says. “Breast cancer is a very important problem facing the world today.”
Lederman adds that Twitter was the perfect forum for hosting the competition. “Social networking is hot right now,” he says. “We believe in building relationships that last a lifetime and we want people to know they’re our highest priority. Twitter is one of the best ways we know to do that.”

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povertyIf blogging and social meda can give poverty a voice then what a great outcome.

ActionAid Australia is searching for an energetic Australian to be their next outreach blogger to give poverty a voice. Using blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more, the outreach blogger will travel to one of ActionAid’s program countries to help locals harness the power of social media to secure their human rights.

You don’t need to be a blogging expert, you just need to have an open mind and be passionate about fighting the root causes of poverty. Social injustice and poverty are easy to ignore when hidden from view. Your mission will be to help bring attention to the scandal of poverty.

As ActionAid’s outreach blogger, you will give poverty a voice by:

– traveling to a remote area of an ActionAid program country
– training locals to use tools such as Twitter and blogs to shine a light on social injustice and human rights abuses
– reporting on your experiences on your own blog

Click here to see the rest of the article.

Admin Bandit  volunteer treasurer software
Here’s to volunteer treasurers..


Picture supplied under Creative Commons licence from publik16.

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twitter_logoHave been flat out for 4 months to meet our self imposed deadline of getting the new version of our software to the treasurers starting the new year. As a result, have dropped off the radar in terms of networking online and offline. Life will settle into more of a routine now so have started registering to attend some networking events again. Donna-Marie Coggins blog inspired me to to get back to Twitter. I registered there long ago and haven’t done much since. The challenge is to work out how to use it effectively! Now how do I get my Tweets to show up in my status on Facebook? I know others do it but how? All this and other mysteries of the universe will be revealed as I begin to understand this I’m sure!



Here’s to volunteer treasurers..

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