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0 QnVzaW5lc3NfMTQ3LmpwZw==It can be a precarious balancing act, the idea of fun at work. While all workers, volunteer or otherwise, will be more productive when they are doing things they enjoy, the idea of trying to inject more fun into an organisation’s operations can be quite a tricky one. When implemented properly, there are several major benefits of fun at work, but there are notable pitfalls too, so spending time to get things ‘just right’ is worth the extra thought it entails.

Improved Communication

Staff or board members who have opportunities to get to know one another find their communication is more seamless and fewer workplace misunderstandings take place. Getting to know each other can be a long process, but is accelerated by work-related extracurricular activities.

Increased Productivity

Better, more efficient performance is the natural consequence of hard work being interspersed with fun. Silicon Valley companies are famous for having places for employees to play computer games at their own discretion throughout their workday, or even flop on a beanbag and have a beer. Each organisation will have their own ideas for what is appropriate for their culture, but letting workers have fun can give them the mental break they need for the next burst of innovative thinking.

Improved Worker Retention

People tend to stick around when they feel they belong and are appreciated. Festivals that rely on volunteers have the same people back year after year, often because they are looking forward to the “volunteer appreciation concert”. Making sure people are having fun is a great way to encourage them to stick around and enjoy a long-term association with any organisation.

Staff Implemented Fun

Many organisations report the best results from work-related fun occur when it is the employees themselves who decide what they would like to do. Giving workers the first and final say in their work-related fun activities increases feelings of being appreciated and ensures the activities chosen will be well received. As one individual pointed out, work-related obligations that are not chosen by those supposed to enjoy them, can end up feeling like more work.

Formation of “Second Family”

When workers have the chance to have fun and get to know one another well, colleagues can start to build relationships that can feel, particularly for younger people, like a “second family”. They are people one can feel comfortable with, trust implicitly, and enjoy sharing milestones and successes with. When this happens, spontaneous fun emerges throughout the calendar, as people are keen to mark occasions, such as birthdays, at work.

Ensuring a good balance of fun exists alongside the operations of any organisation is good encouragement for the people involved to work better, experience greater satisfaction, and stick around to be part of an organisation’s growth.


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There are just some days when you have had enough of the administration.  You may be surrounded by piles of papers, bills need to be paid, the in trays are full and you just need a distraction and some fun to make the day just that little bit better.

Here are some gadgets and toys from the Gadget Bargains website that may add some colour and fun to your office and in some cases help you get inspired when you are looking for that extra bit of creativity or to simply break the boredom.

Desktop Bowling can be a great distraction and challenge as you can play by yourself or other co-workers.

Playing the Finger Drum set can be fun plus you can actually record the realistic sounding drum patterns you make.

The Basket Ball Trash Can Game can give you a break from the routine of the admin plus you may improve your basketball shooting skills.  Comes with sounds effects including cheering every time you score.

Have a look at this Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball that is great for managing your stress plus it can give you a bit of a workout while at your desk.  Very sturdy and the suction cups means it will stay stuck to the desk.

There are many more great ideas but the main thing to remember is that these gadgets let you have a quick break and also give you a bit of a distraction if you need some motivation to get the tasks completed.

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Business Time

Flight of the Conchords- Business Time

Gives business time a whole new meaning! 🙂

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This weekend I was hoping to have an activity for our family which we would all enjoy and would give us exercise as well. On Sunday the opponents in my 11yo son’s futsal comp forfeited. As a result, as most of the team were there, we played a 45 min scratch match with some parents and brothers and sisters. It was great fun for all concerned and no long term injuries were sustained by adults or children. On the other hand I was barely able to walk for the few days following as a result of using muscles that don’t usually get a workout. 🙂

So be careful what you wish for…..it might come to fruition! Have you wished for something and had second thoughts about the results when you got what you wanted?

adminbandit Here’s to volunteer treasurers..

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