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You have a mission statement and a strategic plan.  Your organisation has clear, realistic and measurable goals which direct what you do on a day to day basis; but have you identified your core values?  And why are they important?

In basic terms, your core values frame the decisions you make when it comes to achieving success in your organisation and industry.  Ask yourself, what are you prepared to do as an organisation, and who are you prepared to become in the pursuit of your goals.

Your core values are essential in establishing your identity and culture and have the capacity to attract and retain quality staff, encouraging them to go the extra mile for an organisation they truly believe in.

What does this mean on a day to day basis?  For example, if you are an organisation with religious affiliations does that affect your policies on alcohol in the workplace and is it ok to have a sweep on Melbourne Cup Day?  Will you accept projects from whoever wants to contract you or are you choosy about who you are associated with?

Your core values protect the integrity of the organisation and ensure your reputation remains intact, as well as giving your employees a personal and professional code of conduct.

You might consider the following 3 statements as a starting point.

  • Treat others as you wish to be treated – this is common sense!
  • The right thing to do is also the smart thing to do, regardless of the financial implications – this can be subjective, but follow your instincts based on the mission and culture of your organisation.
  • Do the ethical thing by all stakeholders, and do not favour any one group over any other – doing the ‘right’ thing by one group, particularly financially, could potentially disadvantage others to an unreasonable degree.

When it comes to writing your core values, make them real, relevant and true; steer clear of empty and baseless values which you think will look good on your website and in your foyer.  And ensure all levels of your organisation follow through!  Write the list and then live it!


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There is a great post over at Pigs will Fly highlighting the benefits of corporate volunteering by staff from big banks. It is true that there are often more rewards than we realise when we help others, particularly if we have the opportunity to use our skills to do it.

What situations have you found rewards where you were not expecting them?



Here’s to volunteer treasurers..

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What an amazing idea I’ve just seen on the Heart Harmony blog. Google in San Francisco is offering homeless people a phone number and voicemail to provide a permanent point of contact for doctors, schools and potential employers. For the full story check out Ingrid’s blog under “Google Giving Back” on 21 March.

They are delivering this initiative in partnership with shelters and agencies and it is an innovative way to help people who find themselves homeless through the circumstances of life. Corporate social responsibility at it’s best.

What is your business doing to partner with a community organisation to bring long term benefits to the community?

Adminbandit Here’s to volunteer treasurers..

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