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pexels-photo-29210If not careful, it is too easy to become stuck in a rut with our creativity and our businesses. You need to find ways to grow new ideas and look for ways to enhance current business practices. Sometimes it is easier said than done. Here are some ways to help you come up with some ideas to take your business to the next level.

Breakfast brainstorming

There is no better way to get the brain juices than to brainstorm. Order in the coffee and croissants and see what happens. Make it fun and spontaneous with no pressure. Mixing up routines can lead to great suggestions.

Take the brainstorming session outdoors

Sometimes a stale office environment fails to help creative suggestions. Take the team for a walk around the park or get them outdoors. Exercise can do wonders for our creativity and allows us to come up with ideas that we may not have thought of in a traditional setting.

Let the noise in

You might feel you want to shut your door to concentrate, but ambient noise and chatter can actually promote creativity. So open those windows and doors and let the outside activity come in.

Put a deadline on it

If you want the team to come up with some new ideas, then put a deadline on it. It is amazing what our brains can do when we know we are close to a meeting looming in the distance. We often come up with the best ideas at the last minute.

Minimise distractions

If you are consistently checking the emails or looking at your phone, then your creativity will be lost among the myriad of distractions presented to us in an office situation. If you want time to focus then switch them off and turn your attention to the task at hand.

Opt for regular breaks

If you are feeling overworked, then it might be time to take a break. Schedule a long lunch or go for a quick walk around the office to clear your head. Stretch, recharge and grab some water to ensure you are feeling hydrated. Short breaks during the day do our brain a lot of good.

Take time off

Often we need a change of environment to get our minds thinking outside of the box. An extended weekend or even a mini holiday to lift some weight off your shoulders and get back into creativity mode can do wonders. Overstressing and overworking are two major hindrances to our natural creative successes.

You never know when the creativity surges will come. Keep a notepad and pen in your bag and jot down any ideas that come your way whether you are exercising or relaxing by the beach. Allow those singular creative moments to grow and inspire many more to come.


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DeathtoStock_Creative Community6According to Harvard Business Review writer, John Coleman, reading broadly is one of the most important habits aspiring business leaders should cultivate. Constantly seeking to improve general knowledge, flex comprehension muscle and increase vocabulary will reap many benefits for business leaders. There is no better way to develop all of the above, and more, than to dive between the pages of, well, just about anything you fancy.

In the article, “For Those Who Want to Lead, Read”, Coleman encourages business leaders to read publications of many different types, claiming that their organisations may “innovate and prosper” with influence from the benefits extensive reading brings. Extensive reading promotes creativity and enhances complex reasoning skills, two of the most important tools in the business leaders’ belt.

Reading widely also results in a broad knowledge base. Coming into frequent contact with new information and ideas, leaders who read are able to assess and possibly integrate them into their businesses. Fields such as economics, psychology and sociology all contain concepts that are likely to be useful to a business leader when applied wisely. Even reading fiction, Coleman says, will benefit business leaders, by helping them develop empathy that can be helpful when dealing with employees and clients.

Not only are avid readers more likely to understand the needs of colleagues and clients better, they are also more adept at communicating their understanding. Avid readers tend to be more articulate and have a wider vocabulary to choose from, so are able to express themselves more exactly.

Coleman also notes that reading for leisure keeps stress levels down, and so is a healthy way for people in high level positions to relax. It is also supposed to help ward off Alzheimer’s.

Although reading in “unrelated” disciplines or reading for fun might seem like a waste of time, for a savvy aspiring business leader, the opposite is in fact the truth. Spending time reading is investing in the multifaceted intelligence true leaders require; an investment that is bound to pay off.

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iStock_000018559419_ExtraSmallWhen spring arrives our first instinct is to throw the windows open and let the fresh air sweep through our homes and offices. We associate spring with a new start, with renovating and invigorating powers, sun and verdure. However, just cleaning and refreshing your home and office is not always enough – it is only one side of the coin. The other is spring cleaning yourself – taking the time to check your attitudes, feelings, hopes about work and life. You need to toss out those that don’t serve you well and bring in shiny new ones to boost your happiness and contentment.

In a sense, spring gives you a new opportunity to pour some life in the process of achieving your personal and business goals. This is the time to sit down and try to get yourself straight. When you get caught up in the everyday rat race, you simply start going with the flow and forget where you started. And just like a boat going with the flow, all kinds of unnecessary (and even nasty) things cling to your mind and soul. Therefore, a good spring clean, and maybe some general refurbishing of yourself is worth trying.

When it comes to your personal plans, you need to take into consideration three aspects: a year ago, where did you think you would be now; where do you want to be after a year; and where will you be after a year if you keep going at this speed and with this determination. This will pretty much show you how you progress and if you need to change something in order to achieve your goals and ambitions. If it turns out that you need to change something, a further analysis will help you see what is drawing you back – an unsuccessful relationship, the need for a better job, the lack of something in your life etc. Once you know what you can improve – well, the easiest part is to set to work and do it, isn’t it?

Thinking about your business plans, you will certainly need to reconsider your strategy and renovate it, even if it is performing well so far. The truth is, if you don’t improve and upgrade it, you will soon start to lag behind. Successful businesses always try to keep up with the spirit of time; unsuccessful businesses think that they are all right until they just fail without notice. Therefore, look at your business, take it apart, analyse each building block, improve it and put it back together. Pay special attention to your concept, to the board and to your personnel. Focus on team building and on innovative solution. Consider targeting new audiences and expanding. Plan the year ahead and try to follow your schedule religiously – being prepared and on time can do wonders with your events and campaigns!

To cut a long story short, consider your mind the most important place in your life – both for working and for living. And, obviously, the most important place needs its spring clean just as every other place you dwell in or work. So take the time to clean it well and prepare it for the rest of the year. Leaving it as it is will only slow you down and decrease your working and living efficiency. Cleaning and refreshing it will give you the head start you need for an amazing and unforgettable year!

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