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startup-593327_640The Challenge

Volunteer Club Treasurers can have big shoes to fill. Their job is an important one, usually with the future of an entire operation resting on it being done properly. Some treasurers take over the job with no prior experience, and spend overwhelming weeks learning the ropes. If they are unlucky, they get little thanks, and often no time to get used to how things roll.

The Solution

If they are lucky, someone introduces them to Admin Bandit. Admin Bandit Volunteer Treasurer Software is precisely the sidekick a new treasurer needs, to make sure nothing important is overlooked, and all bases are covered. When it comes to offering a useful, accurate and complete financial record keeping system for community organisations, there is no one who knows the ins and outs like the Admin Bandit team.

Training and Online Help Included

One of the major draws for the Admin Bandit system is the accessible training and impeccable support available. Many users have given feedback that the learning of the software is easy, and success is facilitated by timely communication with staff.

Secure and Convenient

Another reassuring aspect of Admin Bandit is that all records are kept online. The privacy and security are second to none. Records cannot be tampered with by anyone other than administrators and, as they are stored in cyberspace, cannot be lost or destroyed.

Prepare Proper Documents

Admin Bandit offers a thorough way to prepare documents that other officers are going to need to see. There is no fear of being overly scrutinised or doubted with the records Admin Bandit enables. The system presents complete lists that treasures can tick off to make sure everything required is presented. Even new treasurers can feel confident they will produce a set of documents other board members can read, and will pass muster when tax auditors look them over. Legal responsibilities of the volunteer treasurer can weigh heavily on an inexperienced person’s mind, but with Admin Bandit all worries are vanquished.

Look No Further!

If you have been looking for a way to better record the expenses and income of your organisation, as well as a reliable, regular way to reconcile all accounts and make sure your papers are properly in order, there is no one who can help you more than Admin Bandit: Software for Volunteer Treasurers. There are several levels of licence available, and a 55 day trial for new users.


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Excel has a proven record in providing detailed reports, charts and analysis for small businesses and community groups but in recent times there has been a significant increase in the design of specific software to undertake and perform this business analysis.  The main reason for this is due to limitations with Excel.

Often Excel spreadsheets are prepared by staff within the organisation and the likelihood of errors can be high.  These errors can arise from simple mistakes such as the use of incorrect formulas or the omission of key data as cells have not been included in the calculation.  Sometimes these mistakes will go undetected and may not be picked up until too late.

The next problem is that the information won’t mean much to your management group until it is translated into a report.  Even if the group is familiar with Excel, it’s not easy to grasp the important elements quickly without interpretation.  While Excel might keep accurate records if you enter the data correctly, it can’t produce analytics.  That’s up to you to work out.

And let’s not talk about the difficulty in handing over such a complex record keeping system to your replacement!

As an alternative to Excel many organisations are now using online systems like the Admin Bandit software package, which they know will perform the range of business analytics and provide key reports.

In addition, the level of analysis can also be far superior to that of Excel.  Imagine trying to link and analyse the profitability of your campaign with the effectiveness of your marketing.  While you may be able to do this with Excel, it would be quite complex, time consuming to design and could be designed with a fault.

The time and cost saving by utilising an online software system would be significant, with the added benefit that you know the outcomes would be accurate.

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In my wanders across the internet today I came across a site that is curiously named as Quanp.  I have no idea what Quanp means or if it stands for anything but what I did notice is that the site looks very useful.

Quanp is a free downloadable software system that is similar to Dropbox.  It has been created by Ricoh, the camera people, so it is set up for the easy sharing of photos and even includes a slideshow element.  What I like, though, is the Drop and Send elements. 

Quanp Drop says  “The quanp drop widget allows you to instantly upload files to your secure quanp library by simply dragging and dropping your files on to the quanp drop gateway icon. Your files are now securely stored ready for you to manage and share your digital life memories.”  Like Dropbox, you can safely share files with people who are based in other offices or areas without the limitations of email.

Quanp Send lets you send large files of up to 500MB.  That is huge!  You an even send it to multiple recipients. 

Quanp Add-in is an element that I have yet to explore but it allows you to integrate Quanp with yor Microsoft Office files.  You can upload files directly from your browser and also download directly from Quanp into the file you are working on.

The Quanp system is still in Beta but it is a tool that looks very worthwhile.  Have a look at it and let me know what you think.

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