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How long is it since you reviewed the way you are managing your administrative systems?  It is quite likely that if it has been a long time since your last review, a few sloppy habits have crept in that could be costing you money.  Perhaps you are stuck in old and outdated habits.  It is time to change things.

1. Skype – go online

The telephone can be expensive especially for interstate or international calls.  Try Skype or VOIP to save.

2. Printing costs and recycling.

We print out so much of what comes in online.  Do you really need to print that much?  Print only what is necessary and look at alternative ways of storing data.  Make sure that you reuse paper that has been printed by mistake.  It can still work as notepaper or even be printed on the blank side for internal use.

3. Overhaul your website – Try CMS.

Can you manage the website yourself or do you need to call your web designer for alterations?  If you can’t do it yourself you should be looking for a Content Mananagment System that you can use.   It works out to be cheaper in the long run to buy a whole new CMS site than continually pay your designer to make changes for you.

4. Switch off – just like home

The power bill can be reduced in the office just the same way as it is at home.  Turn appliances and lights off when you are not using them. 

5. Sell what you no longer need

Again, just as you do at home, sell off unused goods.  If you have office equipment sitting around that you don’t need sell it off.  Try eBay or advertise locally.  I costs nothing to place a notice on a community noticeboard.

6. Order online – dont be tempted

Shop online for what you need.  You can even order groceries online now.  Think how much you will save when you are not being tempted by all those other goodies on offer right next to you.

7. Skip travel – free conference calls

We don’t have to travel for meetings these days.  We can use something like FreeConfrenceCall.com or even private chat rooms online. 

8. Try Virtual Help

Don’t employ someone to do it for you.  Why pay all those wages when you can get virtual assistance and pay by the hour or by the job?

9, Cut The Advertising & Get Social

Social networking sites, viral marketing and online workshops or seminars are free or very cheap to do.  They bring you instant responses that no print media can achieve.

10.  Create new ideas

If it isn’t working then look for a new way to do it.  New systems, new sources, new processes….  Don’t be stuck in the past.

These are just a few suggestions to get you on the road to better financial management of your systems.  Why don’t you get started now?

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OK, so I had to say something about the financial meltdown, everyone else is!

Don’t know if it is true but someone told me that every day more money is printed for Monopoly than the U.S. Treasury.

I can’t help but wonder if this is still the case since the meltdown and the action of pumping money into the economy? What do you think?

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If you have a mortgage, you are no doubt watching the rising interest rates and petrol prices with your own kind of special interest. As circumstances change with income, expense and cash flow fluctuations and it is important to budget accordingly so if (when) interest rates do increase we can make little adjustments. More particularly we know when we need to make significant adjustments. eg. sell your car with a V8 engine!

If budgeting is new to you, I’ve come across a great website with practical tools to assist with your personal finances. It is www.secretbudget.net. The budgeting spreadsheet would have saved me a lot of time in preparing mine!

Budgeting is equally important in managing our businesses as it is in our personal finances.  If you have Microsoft Office Small Business, it comes with some handy templates to assist with budgeting and forecasting.

What tools have you used for budgeting and cash flow forecasting?

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