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After winning a Macbook Air in a Twitter competition I was on a high!

new printer

Dr Greg Chapman of Empower Business Solutions – Australian Business Coaching was working on increasing traffic to his very educational small business blog. He offered the best three comments on his blog during the month an HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless All-in-One printer valued at $499. A few weeks after the exciting news of the Kayako competition win, I was delighted to receive notice that I had won this fantastic multi-function printer! Wow, a completely new office set up!

It has been very cathartic re-arranging my office,  re-mapping computers to printers and re-organising what is plugged in where. Have even freed up a double adapter and two extension cords. Thank you to Australian Small Business Blog and to HP for sponsoring such a great prize. The printing is great quality and it is great having it all in one with a flat bed scanner as well.

Have you run competitions to drive traffic to your blog? If so, would be interested to hear how it went?

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povertyIf blogging and social meda can give poverty a voice then what a great outcome.

ActionAid Australia is searching for an energetic Australian to be their next outreach blogger to give poverty a voice. Using blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more, the outreach blogger will travel to one of ActionAid’s program countries to help locals harness the power of social media to secure their human rights.

You don’t need to be a blogging expert, you just need to have an open mind and be passionate about fighting the root causes of poverty. Social injustice and poverty are easy to ignore when hidden from view. Your mission will be to help bring attention to the scandal of poverty.

As ActionAid’s outreach blogger, you will give poverty a voice by:

– traveling to a remote area of an ActionAid program country
– training locals to use tools such as Twitter and blogs to shine a light on social injustice and human rights abuses
– reporting on your experiences on your own blog

Click here to see the rest of the article.

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Picture supplied under Creative Commons licence from publik16.

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This week I attended the Canberra Region Business Expo and picked up some helpful tips. Todd Wright presented a workshop on “The New Net” in your business. I now understand the significance of tags and the tag surfer tool that people use to pick up blogs with information in which they are interested. Todd explained blogs and how to use them for your business and took participants step by step through the process by setting up a blog about the event. Within minutes of setting up the blog a comment was posted because of the tags he used on the post. A tag was picked up by someone using tag surfer! I’m going to investigate tag surfer and think more about the tags I use.

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Over at the Wonderful Web Women blog, Janet has provided a summary of an interview with blogging guru Pat Marcello. Here is Pat’s recipe for success:-

1. Use WordPress on your own domain (web address).
2. Have your blog on a different domain name to your selling websites (this is preferable but don’t panic if you already have one set up)
3. Even better, have your blog on a different web host or at least different server with your own web host
4. Install the WordPress plugin called SEO All In One
5. Choose between 1 and 3 keywords to base your article / blog post on. You can get a great list from here
6. Write your article using the keywords 2 times for every 100 words (2% keyword density)
7. In the All In One SEO plug in fields you have just installed, put keyword 1 – keyword 2 – keyword 3 in the title
8. Fill in the description field using the 3 keywords
9. Now, the keywords you used in the article / blog post: hyperlink these words to your website that you make money from. These linked words are caller Anchor Text.
10. Important: You only want to link FROM your blog TO your money making site. Don’t link in the other direction as one way links are more valuable.

These sound like great tips, I’m going to add this list of tasks to the lessons to implement what I learnt last week at a workshop provided by Monte Huebsch the ‘Google Guru’ in a seminar provided through the Capital Region Business Enterprise Centre

Would be interested to know if there are new things in this list that you haven’t heard of before?

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