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Homework with Morning Coffee

In the course of growing your business, have you developed a great training program that could help train employees at other companies? Do you have a special skill or unique talent that you would like to share with others? If either of these statements is true, then you might benefit by creating and sharing your training courses online.

In the past, there were significant hurdles to developing and sharing a course online. Now, there are several sites available that make it easy to create your own training course. Many of these sites do charge a small fee for hosting your course, but these same sites also often offer a convenient way for others to learn about your classes as well as enroll in a specific course and pay for your knowledge.

Consider posting your next training online at one of the following sites to gain exposure that can increase your company’s reputation while providing another potential revenue stream for your business.

Digital Chalk is used by the prestigious Duke University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a host of other well respected businesses and institutions to offer top quality training courses. The company offers a wide variety of plans that help users create their own online course that is then easily shared with others. The company’s platform does most of the work for you and allows users to easily customise their clients’ eLearning experience. The set-up fee is just $399, and then pre-registration per course is just $4.95

SkyPrep provides users several easy to use tools to take their ideas and skillset turn them into an online course. Users can then license their courses to use as they like, or offer them for sale through SkyPrep’s own marketplace. If you elect to sell them through the marketplace, it’s just $9 per month per course, plus 10% commission on sales of your course. Kikkoman, the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, and the State of Colorado are just a few of the many groups and brands that successfully use the site to share their courses online.

Udemy makes it easy for users to assemble all of their various teaching aids, such as videos, slides, PowerPoint presentations, YouTube clips and more and turn them into an organised, cohesive eLearning experience. The great thing about Udemy is that it’s completely free for the instructor and creator of the course, with the company simply taking 30% of the profit from sales of the course.

Of course, there are several additional sites that make it easy to create, share and sell your own training courses. You can learn about twelve additional venues for creating and selling your own training content by reading this article at The Learning Revolution’s Blog.


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With 2013 just around the corner now is a great time to start planning for your professional and personal development.  Often this is overlooked due to a perceived lack of time, low prioritisation or you are not too sure where to look for relevant courses.

The first step to take is to undergo a form of self-assessment.  Take a bit of time to review the last 6 to 12 months and do a bit of brainstorming to identify some areas that you would like to develop and make sure it includes both professional and personal development areas.

Once you have a list then discuss with someone you know, they may be a work colleague or family member, to bounce some ideas off them so you can review and prioritise the list.

If you are an employee, you can discuss with your manager and get agreement so you can formally incorporate your professional development into your 2013 Annual Performance Plan.  If you are a Board Member, as part of the annual evaluation process you should be able to identify areas where additional training would be suitable.  For any Board it is important to recognise that some training maybe suitable for the whole Board or maybe just for some members.  For example, you may decide that the members of the Finance Sub Committee should complete Financial Management training.

In addition to professional development courses you should also consider personal development courses.  Take stock of issues with your personal circumstances and take the time to find something that is of genuine interest to you.

There are a huge number of organisations that provide training services and a quick search on Google will help you find something that is suitable.  There are many organisations that provide training courses for Board Member such as the Australian Institute of Company Directors or Matrix on Board.  In addition, while TAFEs or universities provide the traditional long courses, many will often provide short courses.  In addition, for other areas of personal interest consider adult education courses similar to the Centre for Adult Education in Victoria.  Most states offer a similar type of centre that provides training on a unique range of areas.  Another good place to search is iTunes as there are some valuable resources that can be downloaded such as podcasts, books or audio books on a huge range of topics.

The importance of undertaking professional and personal development is that it keeps you up to date with current issues, provides you with additional skills and especially if they are for personal development, they can be great fun and help you pursue your own personal interest and passion.

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With the end of the financial year fast approaching you probably have a focus on getting your accounts in order, preparing financial reports, arranging for your tax returns to be completed and a range of other business related activities.  You may be assessing your achievements and performance against your business or strategic plans so you can incorporate changes for the new plan.

While all of these are critical it is also important to review your year from a personal perspective and assess whether anything could have been done differently.  Running a business can take up excessive amounts of time and more often than not most business owners fail to invest in themselves.  Here are some basic tips that you should consider as part of your personal review.

  • Review your work life balance and spend more time with your family and friends.  Studies consistently show that getting the balance right will result in more effective and beneficial outcomes for each part of your lifestyle.
  • Undertake a training course.  This may be business related or for personal reasons but the important issue is that you are making time to commit to the course to learn something new.
  • Take a holiday and recharge the batteries.  A lot of business owners don’t take holidays as they believe they don’t have the time or the business will suffer.  Even a short break over a long weekend can make the world of difference.
  • Consider the use of business coach or business mentor.  Having someone that can support you and bounce ideas off can make a huge difference as you are getting the benefit of their experience.
  • Find time to pursue a hobby that you may have.  This can be a great way to have a break from the day to day aspects of your business.
  • Make sure you look after your body through a healthy diet and activity.  This may include an exercise program or undertaking a regular sporting activity.

While these are just some simple ideas the importance cannot be under estimated.  Running a business has many great rewards and benefits and by investing in yourself you are in effect enhancing these rewards and benefits.

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