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Oh, the drudgery of the office!

Whether it’s in your own home, a corner at the back of the workshop, or some high-rise corporate affair, there’s really no need to be dragged down by the thought of heading in there on a daily basis. Although there are standards about what an office should look like (many of which are in our own heads), who says you have to stick with the norm?

poor-mans-ipadYou could collect some quirky desk toppers or ornaments that just clutter up the desktop, however, it’s probably better to add a bit of personality with some useful items. Things that put a smile on your face, add a bit of fun, and that you can actually use.

There is, for example, always a need to take and keep notes, and a Poor Man’s iPad will have you looking, well…organised. You also don’t need to worry about dropping and damaging it, or the expense of replacing a cracked screen.

If you need reminder notes, a Post It Notes Roller may be more your thing. You can stick notes to walls, doors, desktops and colleague’s foreheads. Roll your notes out, making it as long as you need, then scribble and leave your notes where you can look at them again and again.

You may have promised yourself that you’ll take your lunch to work every day (and you may even have a note about it), but it’s too hard. Or it was…before the R2-D2 Bento Lunch Box! It’s far more fun than the ubiquitous humorous coffee mug. It will make you want to take your lunch every day, and brighten your mood for the afternoon.

office-nap-pillowOnce you’re done with your notes, your lunch, those mounds of paperwork, or the myriad items cluttering up your desk, you could trash them. Or you may prefer to send it to another universe entirely. A Tardis Trash Can will dispose of your rubbish in a somewhat satisfying manner. It also looks totally cool beside your desk.

If you’re all worn out from your long days, or simply bored during the a meeting, you may need an Office Nap Pillow to see you through ‘til home time. Cleverly disguised as a ring binder, you may even get away with a little shut-eye in between meetings.

There is always a time and a place for fun at the office, but quirky items that are practical as well, that just takes you into a whole other level of workplace enjoyment.


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Even the world’s best collaborators sometimes need some time to themselves. Alone time, whether it is at home or at work, is almost impossible to come by, unless you have your own space. These days office environments are often geared towards lots of communication between colleagues, with individual cubicles being dismantled in favour of open plan offices where everyone can be a part of the team. This is great in theory, and most people prefer the democratising and social benefits of the shared space. But what are you losing if you give up your personal space?

Having your own space makes a big difference to the way you think and feel. While nothing new is created in a vacuum, people often need time and space to themselves to come up with original ideas, or solutions to problems. Having personal space allows for deeper relaxation and greater concentration, both extremely helpful mental states for many types of work. Many tasks can be completed with greater accuracy if they are attempted without interruption or distraction.

One of the great benefits of a personal work space is the ability to decorate it to your liking. Purely individual touches, like photographs of family members, are great motivators to some workers. Others aim to improve the feng shui of the workplace by adding plants, crystals or mirrors in strategic places. These personal items can individualise sections of shared spaces, giving individuals further focus, and ultimately be a positive influence on workplace practices.

People attempting to work from home can find the home office (which is often used for a combination of activities) a tricky place to get work done. If having your own space designated solely to work is impossible, see if you can designate some particular times for that space to be for work only.

Taking the time and space to work alone when needed will mean you can come to team meetings better prepared and ready to share your personal best when collaboration is in order.

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Setting up your work area is not just about placing your furniture in an aesthetically pleasing way.  It is important that your place of work is conducive to productivity, creativity, and fosters camaraderie among employees.  So, before heading out to buy your office fittings you need to keep a few things in mind on how best to set up your work area. 

Each of these tips will apply to you whether your business is home based or has a number of employees.

1.  Determine how much you want to spend for your office space.  To make it easier, plan a budget for each workstation, from the cubicles and computers to the phone lines and electric cables.   It’s by far the safest way to keep your spending under control.   I know how tempting it can be when you see the exciting advances in technology.

2.  Prepare your layout.  It’s not good to cram your office with workstations, office machinery and filing cabinets.  Even if your space is small, a well-planned layout is going to make any space look bigger than it really is.   Remember, you have to sit in there with all that stuff!

3.  Go ergonomic.  Aside from making yourself and your employees comfortable you can lessen stress injuries and fatigue brought about by badly designed furniture.  Use adjustable work desks and chairs, as well as allowing enough legroom under the desks.  It is worth buying the best you can because it is likely to save you money in the long run when you think about potential medical expenses caused by injury.

4.  Consider your lighting and electrical needs.  Building a productive workspace also means taking care of lighting needs.  It is important that you provide adequate lighting to avoid eyestrain and headaches, especially if the lights create a glare from the computer monitors.  Be certain that you have enough electrical sockets for your office machinery so that things will run smoothly.  This is one thing that is often overlooked when rearranging the work place.

Keep your area clear and only bring the necessities into it.  It will not only look good but it will be more efficient and safer for you to work in.

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