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Running a charity in today’s modern business world can be very problematic, as can achieving positive and long-term financial strength. However, despite all the complex issues which need to be overcome, it is of course, very rewarding. Here are some of the challenges facing NFPs today.

Governance issues

Governance can be a very large issue for NFPs. A nonprofit is entirely different from a for-profit business as the board, CEO and stakeholders need to be taken into account for every decision that is made. And then there are the government rules and regulations on top of that. Unlike a for-profit organisation, the board members have a large say in what goes on. A trustee has the huge task of catering to every demand and is personally liable for every decision and action they take.

Sourcing talent

To be the best at what you do, you need the best team members to help you achieve it. But this can be hard from a non-profit’s perspective, particularly with low budgets and high salary expectations. Mentoring top talent can take time and money. And as many staff come to nonprofits with very little experience and then leave once they have developed their skills, it can be very difficult to retain them for the long-term.

New NFPs can struggle

As new NFPs enter the marketplace, it can be a struggle for them to keep up with the more established and larger sized charities. It can be difficult for them to take risks and they don’t have the reputation to gain the support of donors and supporters. Until they grow, small NFPs can experience many frustrations, and many often close before they are even given a chance to succeed properly.

Educating the public

Charities have changed a lot over the years, and for the most part, the general public isn’t even aware of what a charity represents. They are unsure as to who is paid and unpaid and overestimate how much money goes into issues such as fundraising and administration. Education needs to be a big part in leading the way for change in this area.

Demonstrating impact

While there is a lot in the news about charities – which ones are actually succeeding in their goals? Which charity is doing a great job? And how are they representing their success to the general public? Demonstrating your impact in a successful way is one of the best ways you can increase your donations and support. But achieving that successfully can be one of the biggest issues any charity can face.

This list is not necessarily exhaustive but as you move forward, it is important to note that transparency and communication are a great way to overcome these and many other issues that your NFP may come across.


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If you are not already aware you should have a look at a great service being provided by Google that specifically is focussed on not for profit organisations. This program is Google for nonprofits  and the purpose is to provide a range of resources and products that are either free or at a significantly reduced cost to eligible not for profit organisations.

This applies to a range of Google Apps, free Adwords advertising, storing documents in the cloud, YouTube and Google Analytics; these are just some of the services and products made available.  With YouTube, you can customise your channel and include “Donate Now” buttons or add Call to Action overlays on your videos.  Access to Google Earth Outreach allows you to create maps of your projects or to highlight where your work takes place which can be ideal when promoting your organisation and where it undertakes its activities.

The Google for nonprofits site also has Get Started Guides as well as Video Tutorials so even if you are not too sure what to do or you are a small organisation with limited resources, these should get you going.

Another feature worth looking at are the Case Studies as these highlight how other not for profit organisations have utilised these services to their benefit.  These are great examples of what can be done but they also can give you some fantastic ideas about how you can maximise the range of resources and products on offer.

This is a site worth spending some time going through and you may find that you are already using some of these services and resources but paying for them when you could be able to access them for free or at a reduced price.

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