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As the current focus for many NFPs at present is on budgets and figures, it should be noted that marketing for the next financial year will enter heavily into the equation. Did you successfully track your successes during the previous 12 months? Are you aware of which fundraising campaigns brought in the most money? Was there something that just didn’t work for your nonprofit?

Understanding your annual budget looking at both past and future options can be very exciting, but it is not without consequence. Allocate too little in a campaign, and you may fail to execute it appropriately. Allow too much, and you find yourself short in other areas. The decision you make now will determine the outcome 6 or 9 months down the line. So where should you be focusing your efforts to make a real difference without paying through the nose for the privilege?

Content Creation

Your focus should be on content creation with a twist. You want to engage, delight and inform. You want to surprise and inspire. It is no surprise then that storytelling should continue to be a significant aspect of this year’s goal. With the right stories, you can challenge and engage your viewers – this year’s nonprofit conversation needs to be all about you.

Influencer Marketing

Your NFP must source reputable personalities to get behind your brand and spread the word. Influencers are generally people not associated with a business but can promote and endorse and act on a company’s behalf. Influencer marketing takes the focus from more traditional marketing forms involving more of a personal connection to your organisation.

User Generated Content

With so many budding artists and storytellers out there, utilising user generated content is a great way to make yourself heard. Why not run a creative campaign asking for submissions to a competition? You can ask users to film an advertisement or photograph a relevant subject which you can then circulate across all of your social media avenues.

Thought Leaders

Thought leaders are becoming a popular way to market both for-profits and nonprofit organisations. Is there someone in your company that you could promote to this position? As a thought leader, they would need to be very vocal about all things related to your nonprofit, but it can be a very effective form of marketing if done well.

Live Video

We have seen an increase in the use of video for non-profit, but now organisations are beginning to realise the importance of live streaming video. The Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) did a live internet stream of their conference in Australia with great success. They weren’t the first to utilise this technology, and they definitely won’t be the last.

Not all NFPs have huge budgets to compete with others. Many of these ideas can be incorporated into a more restricted budget yet still provide excellent results. What do you plan to add to your marketing budget this year?


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iStock_000016584602_ExtraSmallDo you have a newsletter that you send out to supporters of your organisation?  If not then you should consider doing one as they can be used to increase your surplus income.

The main way this happens is through interaction with your organisation by your supporters.

The newsletter is an ideal way to boost interaction as by promoting and informing your supporters, they are more likely to engage with your organisation.

This may be in the form of attending and participating at fundraising events, becoming a volunteer, making or increasing their donations or purchasing products or utilising services provided by your organisation.  No matter what they do, the benefit to your organisation is clear.

Here are 5 ways a newsletter can increase your surplus:

  1. It provides a direct way to communicate to supporters of your organisation.
  2. If your newsletter is sent electronically then it is easy to share because the recipient can forward to their friends.  Many of them have the little button at the end of the newsletter which says “Send to a friend”.  Not only does that put the thought into the reader’s minds, it makes it simple to do.
  3. Newsletters are an ideal way to prompt lapsed supporters to re-engage with your organisation again.  Create a newsletter specifically written to get them motivated again.
  4. The newsletter can be used to promote a seasonal activity, special event or service that your organisation provides.
  5. Newsletters are also a great way to publicise the achievements of the organisation.  This may be awards that may have been won, the winning of significant grants or even testimonials highlighting the value of the work that has been done.  This all helps raise the credibility of the organisation.

These are just a few examples although there may be many more depending on what your organisation does.

The important issue to understand is that the newsletter can be an incredibly effective tool that, when used well, can bring incredible financial benefits to your organisation.

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A newsletter can have an important role as part of your advertising, promotional and marketing strategies and if you currently don’t use one to promote your organisation then consider developing one as soon as practical.

With the success and acceptance of many social media sites the newsletter may seem old fashioned or even out of date but a newsletter has significant benefits that when applied well can make a significant difference.  With Twitter you are limited to 140 characters and Facebook you often only use a few brief sentences whereas with a newsletter you can include far more detailed content.  Here are some benefits of using a newsletter:

  • Customers have opted in to subscribe to your newsletter so they have an active interest in your organisation and the goods and services you may provide.
  • Newsletters provide a way to directly communicate the message to your customers as they are sent directly to them.  You are not waiting for your customers to contact you as your newsletter initiates the contact.
  • Based on information you may have obtained when they subscribed, you can segment your customers that then allows you to target content based on their preferences.
  • Newsletters provide a great way to stay in regular contact with your customers and keep them up to date with any new issues that may relate to your industry or organisation.
  • As an incentive to your subscribers you can offer special discounts or offers.  This also allows you to monitor the effectiveness of this strategy as you can directly monitor the number of responses.

One last point that is worth highlighting is that to maintain and increase the subscribers and the effectiveness of the newsletter make sure you include content that is of use and value to your customers.

Do you have a newsletter going out to your people?

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